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Welcome to the world of heating equipment and accessories! We offer a wide selection of installation and connection accessories. Our selection includes, for example, a concrete curing cable, which helps in the concrete curing process.

In addition, we offer various solutions for floor heating, such as floor heating mats, floor heating cables and floor heating membranes. These solutions guarantee even and pleasant heat through the floor.

Regarding heaters, we offer different options, such as through-flow heaters and mirror heaters. With these heating solutions, you can ensure a pleasant temperature and prevent, for example, mirrors from fogging up.

Fuse cables and related accessories are also part of our selection. We offer de-icing cables, anti-icing mats and anti-icing mats that help keep, for example, walkways and yards safe and frost-free in winter.

Whether it's concrete hardening, underfloor heating or defrosting, we have high-quality solutions for your needs.